Payment, Shipping & Returns

Payment, Shipping and Returns.

At Von Va Voom we like to be bright and clear, therefore you can find here everything about the payment methods accepted by us. If you are using an shipping adress from outside the EU, our system will deduct the Dutch VAT of 21% in the end of the checkout progress. 

Some keypoints about Von Va Voom.
  • Free shipping within the Netherlands on orders above €50,-
  • Free shipping towards Belgium and Germany on orders above €50,-
  • Worldwide secure shipping, parcels always have track and trace. 
  • Return addresses in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. 
  • Worldwide accepted payment methods, like paypal and creditcards and for some countries even their own banking transfer system.  
  • We use different shipping companies for our parcels, depending on country. We use PostNL, DPD & DHL.
  • All orders placed and paid before 22:00 (amsterdam timezone) will be packed and shipped that same day! 

payment methods

To make ordering as easy as possible for everyone, we offer several payment methods. Not all payment methods are suitable for each country, if you miss a payment method that you believe really should not be missing, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are logged into your account, you can redirect from your customer account to the payment page and complete your outstanding payment.


iDEAL is an online payment method that forward safely to your own Dutch bank. This payment is not possible if you use a bank established outside the Netherlands. MultiSafepay performs on behalf of Von Va Voom the payments through iDEAL.. It may be that you see on your bank statement or email the name MultiSafepay, there will always be fed logo Von Va Voom. If your payment for any reason whatsoever is interrupted during the iDEAL process, you will receive one a payment link on your specified e-mail address, you can still complete your payment through this email.

Bank transfer:

If you choose bank transfer you will receive an e-mail after placing your order, this will have the invoice and payment details attached. 

Bank name: Von Va Voom
IBAN: NL38RABO0122978978
Do not forget to mention your order number!  
This payment method is only to be used in Europe.
Processing of bank transfers may take several days, keep this in mind when ordering. Once your payment is received you will be informed by us about the preparation of your parcel for shipping. 


You can make your payment with your own creditcard at Von Va Voom. Ofcourse this all goes trough a secured connection, and we are tested often to make sure it stays safe. At the moment you can use the following creditcards at Von Va Voom; VISA, Meastro and Mastercard. You can select your creditcard provider in the last step during the checkout progress. 


Paypal address:
Do not forget to include your order number, payments paid directly from Paypal (not through our website, but manually from your own PayPal environment, can not be processed without payment details!)  To make a payment using PayPal, you need a PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can set one up here. Please remember we only accept Euro currency, and you always need to give the correct shipping adress in paypal as shipping adress. 

AfterPay - Netherlands Digital Invoice:

Only available for the netherlands. AfterPay carries for full retrospective payment process. This means that you have a digital invoice AfterPay receive via e-mail to pay the purchased product (s). You can pay at with a digital invoice to an amount of € 200.00 if you pay by AfterPay for the first time. Are you AfterPay you can pay an amount of € 400.00. To approve your request to pay with electronic invoice AfterPay performs a data check. AfterPay has a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement . In the unlikely event not be authorized your request for payment by giro, you can of course pay to buy the product with a different payment method. You can have any questions feel free to contact AfterPay. For more information, please visit the consumer section of the website AfterPay.

If you have lost your invoice or wish to receive a copy please those using this form requests.

AfterPay - Belgium Digital Invoice:

Only available for Belgium. AfterPay carries for full retrospective payment process. This means that you have a digital invoice AfterPay receive via e-mail to the purchased product (s) betalen.Ter approve your request to pay with electronic invoice AfterPay performs a data check. AfterPay has a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement . In the unlikely event not be authorized your request for payment by giro, you can of course pay to buy the product with a different payment method. You can have any questions feel free to contact AfterPay. For more information, please visit the consumer section of the website AfterPay. AfterPay Belgium has an extra security step when you first uses AfterPay Belgium, it may be that you'll be the first check, but then only have to pay the full amount before we get the green light from AfterPay to your order sending, paid in this case, not afterwards, but still advance, after this once successfully completed, your data in the AfterPay Belgium system and you can best use the next payment of AfterPay Belgium features. For questions regarding the above matters, please contact AfterPay.

Billink - Postpay:

Only available for the Netherlands. Payment must be paid within the prescribed period for payment Billink BV ( "Billink"). All rights under the claim are indeed handed over by us to Billink who will take care of the collection of the receivable. Your data will be checked by or on behalf Billink and registered, these data can be used inter alia for the collection of claims and review of orders in the execution of the acceptance policies of affiliated organizations. Billink reserves the right to refuse the customer's request for payment on account. The applicable payment term is a deadline. For late payment, the customer is also in default without notice and Billink is entitled from the due date of the invoice a contractual interest rate of 0.75% per month (whereby part of a month is considered as a full month) to charge . Billink is also entitled to charge extrajudicial collection costs in accordance with the law of the customer. In the case of business customers are also entitled Billink reminders and dunning fees to bring the customer into account, without prejudice to Billink to bring the actual costs incurred by the customer account if it could exceed the amount calculated. These costs amount to at least 15% of the principal with a minimum of 40 euros 75 euros for consumers and for businesses. Billink is also entitled to assign the claim to a third party. Which in the previous regarding Billink states will in that case also be transferred to the third party to whom the claim has been transferred.

Bancontact / Mister Cash

Bancontact / Mister Cash is an payment method to be used in Belgium. Payments are processed directly. 


Giropay an German payment method. Payments are processed directly. 

Sign2Pay pay with your signature:

Only available for the Netherlands. Sign2Pay is a mobile payment method that allows you to pay with your signature on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. You will love this payment method therefore only be offered on these screens and use. Choose the payment page for Sign2Pay, turn your monitor and put your signature.

If you opt for the first time ever pay with Sign2Pay? Then you will be prompted once to enter your IBAN account number and three times to put your signature to register. Once you've successfully completed a payment you will not have to do this again in future orders and to pay for your signature sufficient to direct. Sing2Pay currently accepts payments up to 180, - Euro.

By putting your signature mighty Sing2Pay you to write off the total amount of the bank account linked by you. Amortization is between 2 to 7 days after your purchase. If you have questions about Sing2Pay and / or amortization of Sign2Pay please via this link contact Sign2Pay.

Want to experience how difficult it is to recreate a signature? Sign2Pay has developed a test environment and challenged people to falsify signatures. It's still nobody succeeded. Code Try here. Sign2Pay not only look at the picture, but also lots of other things like speed of the set, beginning and end, movements etc.


VVV voucher:

From 1 April 2016 it is no longer possible to pay using a paper VVV-coupon at Von Va Voom. The papers VVV-vouchers are only suitable for use in physical stores. We now accept the new VVV-Gift Card.

VVV-Gift Card:

The VVV-Gift Card is the digital version of the old paper VVV-voucher. Since October 2015 this VVVgift card is sold at tourist outlets. Von Va Voom is a registered merchant of the VVV-Gift Card. This means you can spend your VVV-gift card safe with us. During the checkout you can choose the payment method e-coupon, beware! there is no VVV-logo (yet). If you have selected this payment method, you can complete your purchase. After confirming your purchase, you will be guided to the payment page where you can redeem your VVV-gift card (s). You can use multiple VVV-Gift Cards as long as the value is below or equal to the purchase price. Surplus is disappeared and will not be refunded on your VVV-gift card, so be careful that you remain under the total purchase. After redeeming your VVV-gift card (s) you can pay any excess amount by iDeal or bank transfer. The payment page you're on is self-explanatory. The balance of your VVV-gift card you can check on the VVV-gift card website, it can be found here .



Shipping costs

Shipped within the Netherlands on all orders from € 75, -and up = no shipping costs.
When shipping to Belgium or Germany all orders from € 100, - and up = free shipping.

1. Prices do not include shipping.
2. At the checkout you can choose from one or multiple shipping options. Mailbox Post has no track and trace. You receive these orders by regular mail. Packages are, if possible, be in the country of destination, track and trace, and there is always required a signature. The cost of a shipment abroad vary depending on the destination country and visible at the end of your order.
3. The total amount to be paid will be clearly indicate on the invoice.
5. Delivery is possible in almost all countries, if you do not see your country as shipping option please contact us.

Von Va Voom works for its shipments with MyParcel and PostNL.

We offer several shipping methods, during the checkout process, you will see the shipping options available for your order. On the product page of your item (s) you can see if an item is in stock. The rule comes almost everything in stock, but sometimes something even on the way to us. This is then mentioned on this page. In general, you can say that orders placed on working days before 17:00 are shipped the same day and offered the following business day rule in the Netherlands.

You can also use Same Day Delivery, if you're entire order is in stock and you place your order before 12:30 then you can expect your order that same evening between 18:00 and 22:00. Your order is trackable via GPS tracking what you will receive at your specified email address. Please acknowledge receipt of your order and make sure someone is present at the delivery address. Same day delivery is 5 days a week, excluding holidays. If you choose after 12:30 or on holidays or for this shipping option, the next available evening will be delivered your order. On days when Von Va Voom can not finish your order during oppikmoment put, we will not offer same day delivery and this option will not be visible during checkout.


1. All items (if available) will upon receipt of payment as soon as possible but no later offered within 7 days postNL.
2. If an item has a delivery time longer than 7 days or, for whatever reason, are not available, then Von Va Voom will be the buyer as soon as possible notify.
3. Buyer shall be entitled to terminate the agreement in the event that the delivery period exceeds the period of 30 days or when the item is out of stock, except when purchased already mentioned on the product page that it was a longer delivery time and / or a pre order.
4. If you have chosen a retrospective payment delivery will take place in accordance with the corresponding agreements.
5. For Paypal payments we are required to send the package to the address specified in PayPal and shipping address.
6. We do not ship to PO boxes, if you do a post office box, this is at your own risk.

The delivery of your order depends on the country in which the order is to be delivered.
The Netherlands generally applies that orders are being offered next business day after the day of shipping.
For Belgium and Germany applies a guideline that from day of shipment it takes around 1-2 working days to go over before the order is offered to you.
For England applies as a general guideline that from day of shipment, it takes around  1-4 working days for the parcel to be offered at your door.

For orders outside the Europe Union, the package will go through the customs of the destination country, this clearance process may take from 1 up to 30 days starting from the moment of arrival at customs. Sometimes you will already receive your order within a few days after shipment from Von Va Voom, but the delivery can be delayed depending on the time customs takes to clear your parcel. Please note that import duties can occur and you are responsible for any charges that may occur. Von Va Voom can not be held responsible. 


1. Any order can be canceled up to 14 days after the invoice date.
2. VonVaVoom is entitled to refuse a buyer or terminate an order without stating specific reasons. If there is already paid will of course be credited with this.
3. Our general terms and conditions at any time in force.


1. Upon receipt of the items buyer has the right to return the articles, unused and in original packaging within 14 (fourteen) days. 14 days pass from the day of receipt of your order. Once you have, are indicated you want to send your item back, you again have 14 days to send the item actually returned.
2. If an item does not meet the expectations of the buyer, then it is possible for the buyer item to exchange or buyer can purchase amount (= invoice amount incl cost around shipment) will be refunded. Customization, including also understood pre orders are excluded.
3. We ask in advance Copper and within 14 days of receipt of the article contact your account or any of the other contact options as shown on the website.
4. Buyer clearly stated the article, order number and desired solution. You can use the European withdrawal form. This can be found here.
5. Von Va Voom determines whether a returned item in used or unused condition and wrong or return is acceptable.
7. Buyer is responsible for the cost and the risk of a return.
8. Von Va Voom, your total invoice amount as soon as possible but no later than within 14 days, starting on the day of termination of your return, to pay you back the same way we have received your payment, repayment on another account than payment of which is for security reasons can not be reached unless it can be clearly demonstrated that this bill is in the name of the buyer.
9. Custom-made items can not be returned unless there is something wrong with what was not mentioned beforehand. By customization includes pre-orders, these are indeed specially for you.
10. Returns can also be reported through your account. Please log in above and select the appropriate order, then you can sign your return and we will automatically receive notification of this.

As customer you are responsible for the costs of the return shipment. Send the return, if required because of high value, with extra insurance. Return shipments are your own responsibility, we cannot take responsibility for missing packages, if you use a tracking option on your shipment you can follow your parcel untill it arrives with us. 

If you return your order from a country outside the EU we can’t take responsibility for the payment of the import duties. Therefore we kindly request you to write ‘Pre importation’ on the invoice. Please put the invoice in the plastic cover and attach the invoice to the package. This is an aid, unfortunately not a guarantee. If we need to pay import duties in order to receive your return, we will deduct these costs from your refund.

Our return addresses are:

Main return address in the Netherlands
Von Va Voom hc warehouse 
Parallelweg 9
7341 DL Groenlo

If you are in Germany, you can use our Germany return address:
Von Va Voom c/o Gamp Ebiz
Lise-Meitner-Straße 18
Vreden, 48691 

If you are in Italy, you can use our Italian return address:
Von Va Voom c/o Slsply
Via Giuseppe Giusti 14
21100 Varese (VA)

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